The Simple SMS Marketing Tool For Australian Businesses

TextGoose enables any Australian business to send bulk text messages to their customers via our simple to use web software. If you have an important message to say and you need to get it into your customers' pockets quick then there is no better way to do it than to use TextGoose!

Whether you have a small list of phone numbers or a large database of customers our software will be a perfect fit for you. After you sign-up we'll show you our competitive Aussie-only pricing.

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Lightweight SMS Marketing That You'll Love

SMS marketing & bulk messaging. There's always a lot promised, yet so many tools on the market are complicated and overpriced.

You’ve been scouring the internet looking for something that doesn’t charge you a fortune and is simple to use… software that allows you to communicate with your customers in a personal way at exactly the right moment.

The question is: why is the software that solves this problem so hard and difficult to use?

Maybe you’ve even tried one of our competitors but you’re exhausted by how difficult and clunky their UI is. Maybe you’re even tired by how little they are innovating and behind with their technology. Maybe they don't even send to specific mobile phone carriers.

Or maybe you’re looking for software that just works. Something you can import your customers into using copy + paste and then send them a message straight away. You've got a business to run and you want something that is reliable, simple and you can get started in seconds.

You’re probably also hearing all the blogs online that's telling you that marketing is getting more and more difficult every single day. Facebook reach is dropping, Twitter isn’t effective and PPC is getting more expensive.

Well guess what’s still working?

SMS marketing!

Sounds like something you want to give a whirl?

Try us free today or ask for a demo.

What features does TextGoose have?

Send messages to all Australian mobile carriers

If your customers have a phone number in Australia then you can reach them using TextGoose. Optus, Telstra, Virgin mobile, Vodafone plus all other major and minor carriers throughout the country can all be reached easily. Yes, even your customers that use Kogan's new service will get them.

Simple copy + paste importing

We know that running a business is time consuming and challenging. That's why we've created the simplest import you'll ever experience online. Simply copy & paste your phone numbers into TextGoose and we'll handle the rest.

Quick sending using our composer

We believe in simple software. That's why our composer tool only takes a couple of seconds to use. Simply type in your message, select your list and you're ready to go!

Free inbound messages

Sometimes your customers might want to say something back to you. When that happens TextGoose has your back. Easily chat to your customers with our new free inbound replies feature. All messages from your customers are now stored within our app ready for you to reply to instantly. Best part? All inbound messages are free of charge!

We handle opt-outs automatically so you can can send confidently!

You can sleep easy at night knowing that our software will handle all opt-out requests from your customers & subscribers. This ensures that your business follows Australia's SPAM Act guidelines.

Concierge service for any business!

No matter how simple our service is sometimes people just need a little help getting themselves setup. That's why we're now offering concierge on-boarding to any new user that signs up for a paid plan. We'll handle the importing and teach your marketing team how to effectively use text message marketing in your business.

Does bulk SMS still work?

We get asked this a lot and our answer is always a big, fat YES!

Text message marketing still performs as well today as it did 5 years ago! For example, did you know that over 95% of mobile phone users open messages within 3 minutes and that 84% of mobile phone users reply to messages within 1 hour?

These stats make sense given that most phone users check their mobile phone 150 times a day on average. Compared to all other marketing mediums bulk SMS just makes sense. No need for your customers to download an app or login to check a notification -- send messages straight to their phone.